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Think about your friend that believes she isn’t good enough, your neighbor that just survived a devastating diagnosis now left feeling broken, or a wounded soldier returning home with invisible challenges. Restory studios will lead our clients through a journey of self-discovery that restores their self & body image to childlike wholeness.

 In a world full of doubt and insecurities we use therapeutic imagery to shine a light on their “what matters.”  We offer life-changing breakthroughs using counseling as a guide to provided healing combined with the visual power of photography and storytelling as a medium to deliver new freedom.

We all know someone dealing with body image issues and low self-esteem. Our clients will enter into their session with a therapeutic discussion where they can express their past and pains. Then the imagery begins with a high fashion shoot to teach them what it takes to be the girl in the magazine and more importantly what goes into the single image they see in a magazine. Then guides them to understanding that they are beautiful, worth and simply enough just as they are.

For the wounded soldier, we will invite them into a story telling session filled with healing and tears. Due to the painful nature of issues like PTSD, talking about their stories are the hardest yet most therapeutic task they can do. With the help of story-tellers and counselors, we will record their story to create their very own picture book. These books will provide an outlet to share their stories with friends and families as well as help them gain power over the pain.

The survivor of traumatic medical diagnoses and surgeries often feel like they are broken and less worth. Using photography and the beauty of body art we will turn their scars into masterpieces worthy of praise and admiration.

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our community

Our community is made up of counselors, photographers, hair and makeup artists, models, storytellers, and volunteers. Everyone on board has a heart for serving others and helping them achieve new found freedom.


Our Board of Directors is made up of Photographers, Lawyer, a Nurse, An Editor nominated for Photoshopper of the year by Adobe, Professional hair and makeup artist, and a cancer survivor.

Brian Girton
Cheyenne Wright

how it helps

Words from past clients!


we are needy

want to help out?


From furniture to new computers and photography equipment.


hair and makeup artists, photographers, counselors, storytellers, and more.


If you have a great idea that you think would be up our alley let us know!


We will always be in need of money to provide services, order photo books, keep innovative, and to just keep the lights on.

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Fancy Dresses?

Part of our process will be to provide and experience similar to a high fashion magazine shoot. We need fancy dresses in all sizes!


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