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The Naked Truth Project

Born of the need to reveal the truth women hide from each other... They aren't perfect!

As a photographer and a counselor, I have been in positions to see women in their most insecure moments. I listen to women picking themselves apart while looking at their pictures because they struggle with loving themselves and accepting their circumstances. These women often believe that other women are more put together than they are, they have better lives and never fight with their loved ones, and love their bodies just as they are. Everyone really knows that everyone in the media is photoshopped, but they  often forget about that simple fact while comparing themselves to the other women they see on their little screens.

This often leads to increased insecurities, anxiety, unrealistic expectations, and continues to lower their overall self image. And worse yet, they keep their issues a secret, but often believe that everyone can see right through that act. That leads to a perpetuation of the issue. They can end up believing that if everyone else is better than she is and they all know it she need to keep her secrets hidden and put on a front all the more. When all is said and done all of these imperfect people are walking around acting as if everything is okay and believing that they are broken because no one has issues like they do and if they do they aren't nearly as bad.

The women that volunteered for this project have taken the challenge to not only bare their bodies but their soul to the world in a statement that shows transparency and vulnerability. These women have a deep desire to let other women know that having insecurities, "flaws," deep issues that you struggle with, and having had been through horrible trauma, doesn't make you a victim, broken, or less of a women. If anything having a struggle makes you normal.


So, I did my naked truth today, "Leaving an abusive relationship, I feel too damaged to love."


I was so completely blind to the fact that I was being abused. I thought abuse was only if he put his hands on me or physically hurt me. But the things he did to me mentally and emotionally left wounds so deep, I'm not sure they will ever heal. 


From having absolutely no boundaries when it came to any kind of privacy to isolating myself and our children from family and friends, to the lies, the cheating and so many hurtful situations, he single handedly obliterated my self-esteem. The laid back, happy, fun loving person I once was, disappeared. 


I became an anxious, depressed and overly paranoid wreck, suffering from PTSD and taking a multitude of medication just to cope. 


My "awakening" happened shortly after I noticed things were starting to affect our kids. Things I used to be able to hide from their little eyes and ears. They weren't so little anymore and had begun to pick up on everything going on. It had to stop. I refuse to let them suffer. 


That is where my story is as of now. 


"Cutting releases endorphins- endorphins make you happy. Starting in middle school,  I realized that when I was at my lowest, cutting would help me deal with my feelings. I never reached out to others for help. I put on a smile everyday and dealt with my own inner demons the way I knew how. Over time I realized that self harm wasn't a solution and I focused on finding true happiness. Because of this, I am the strongest version of myself. We all have secrets, but it's when we share with others that we realize we are not alone. "

Sisters in Pain
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